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Artificial intelligence isn’t just part of the evolving digital age; it’s a movement all it’s own. In fact, the addition of AI is revolutionizing how people do business and use technology each day.

Whether you realize it or not, Artificial Intelligence powers many unexpected areas of your business. Chatbots, remarketing, recommendation engines – it all utilizes high powered AI to provide an incredible experience.

Cortana Intelligence AI interface from Microsoft extends the basic capabilities of your day to day business activities and your applications, to provide a seamless experience that solves problems for you and your customers.

Accelerates Growth
Enhances Functionality
Boosts Customer Engagement
Provides Foresight
Enables Planning
Automate Process

Now, you can incorporate that power into your business through AI solutions specially designed to turn data into action.


While AI is amazing on its own, the hybrid intelligence approach taken by Optiks Solutions mirrors that of Microsoft, a multi-pronged approach that works to enhance all aspects of business technology systems from the inside out.

The Microsoft Cortana Intelligence suite covers data, intelligence, and action elements of your business, making your daily business-as-usual tasks and consumer-facing processes easier and more productive.

By harnessing the power of each of these three elements, Optiks Solutions can help you transform the way that you use technology and interact with data. Now, you can deliver premium application development using predictive analytics and a simplified, modular system.

Convenient Templates

Not sure where to start? Our experts can help walk you through choosing a template or designing your own industry-specific AI solution.

Predictive Analytics

Be fully prepared for any chance in the market or industry with enhanced predictive analytics embedded directly into your applications.

Utilizes Agile Principles

Cortana Intelligence Suite leverages agile principles to allow you to pivot on a dime to make adjustments as changes in the environment happen.

Cognitive Services

Select from over 25 custom APIs to natural speech and contextual interactions to your business AI solution.

Fully Managed

Optiks AI solutions are totally hands-free and managed by our experts, so you can reap the benefits of smart business extensions without worrying about upkeep.

Advanced Integrations

Integrate your own code or embed powerful integrations like Power BI and Azure Stream Analytics to enhance your data visualization capabilities.


The addition of artificial intelligence suite from Optiks and Microsoft support your entire business from end to end, effectively improving your overall productivity, connectivity, and relevance within your market.