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Your business is complex, but how you serve and connect to your customers and employees doesn’t have to be.

Cloud computing and storage systems have become commonplace, very nearly mandatory, for savvy organizations that are interested in sustainable growth and simplified technology solutions.

Migrating your business to the cloud offers some incredible benefits that improve productivity and reduce IT overhead costs.

Graphical depiction of a professional working on a laptop while sitting on a cloud.
Minimize Risks
Maximize Security
Easily Scale Resources
Improve IT Efficacy
Graphical depiction of how cloud computing can help improve your business.
Fast Deployment
Boost Connectivity
Reduce Overhead Costs
Enable Future Growth

Integrated and scalable cloud computing solutions by Optiks are expertly tailored to help your business streamline how you and your customers interact with data and technology.

Tablet mockup of the various outlets and uses of Microsoft Azure cloud platform.


In order to meet and exceed your unique business connectivity and storage needs, Optiks uses Microsoft Azure cloud migration and storage solutions.

Cloud computing solutions are available in several amazing formats that help make doing business easier and more efficient, among these options are IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS.

At Optiks, we offer all three comprehensive solutions through our Microsoft Azure cloud platform, giving you enhanced flexibility in how you manage your applications while giving you choices in what to delegate and what to manage yourself.

Not Limited to Just Storage

Azure contains over 80 unique cloud-based products that will help you harness the power of cloud computing to run your business.

Embedded Security Features

The Azure cloud infrastructure utilizes Microsoft’s expansive mastery of technology to deliver a seamless and ironclad security experience.

Easy Privacy Management

Microsoft employs a transparent privacy management system that ensures that you know what is happening with your data at all times.

Trusted By Everyone

Microsoft Azure cloud management is trusted by 90% of Fortune 500 companies today, making it one of the most reputable cloud computing platforms available.

Designed for Developers

Azure is the perfect playground for app developers who want to get more done in less time. Easily leverage integrated cloud tools like end-to-end DevOps, serverless computing, and APIs.

Built-In AI

Intelligently design applications for your customers or your business with the built-in artificial intelligence model and analytics.

Largest Compliance Offering

The Azure cloud system offers the largest and most comprehensive listing of compliance approvals to make sure that you are always in the clear.

Maximum Connectivity

The Azure cloud platform has 42 cloud regions and counting. That is more global connectivity than any other cloud computing provider!

Data-Driven Experiences

With built-in machine learning and cognitive services, Azure cloud management can help you build smarter apps with real-time data and innovative security solutions.


At Optiks, we’re committed to simplifying your computing power, so you can do business smarter, not harder. That’s why we cover your cloud needs from end to end with tailored solutions that are designed for the way your team works now and in the future.