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Business relationships must always be nurtured from the very start in order to be both fruitful and sincere. But, how do you properly manage and nurture ALL of your existing and potential relationships?

Leveraging robust business CRM solutions from Optiks provides an intelligent way to manage and maintain each of your customer relationships, no matter what stage they may be in.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete, end-to-end customer relationship management solution for every aspect of your business; including sales, marketing, service, finance, operations, and human resources.

Graphical depiction of how technology improves business productivity.
Enhances Organization
Improves Customer Service
Maximize Team Efficiency
Graphical depiction of the various areas that a CRM system helps manage.
Positive Customer Experiences
Increased Customer Engagement
Increase Overall Efficiency

Anticipate your customer’s needs in real-time and capture new opportunities the instant they arise with powerful integrated business CRM solutions from Optiks and Microsoft.

Tablet mockup detailing the various departments that Microsoft Dynamics 365 can affect.


In keeping with Microsoft’s goal to deliver immense value through increased productivity and efficiency, Optiks Solutions works with you to modernize and optimize every facet of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 business CRM offers a hybrid approach to how you manage and maintain relationships. By combining customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning capabilities, your business is able to innovate quickly, scale effortlessly, and is empowered to collaborate beyond the four walls of your office.

Expandable Modules

Start with only the modules that you need, and add additional capability as your business grows.

Minimal Code Development

Easily adapt applications to suit your needs and your customer’s requirements without the extra hassle of excessive coding.

Powerful Integrations

Dynamics 365 is compatible with all sorts of popular business integrations, like Skype and Office 365, to put everything all in one place for your team.

Advanced Reporting

Built-in Power BI analytics dashboards work to provide the most comprehensive look at your business relationships and ongoing processes.

Built For Growth

Designed with productivity and growth in mind, Dynamics 365 CRM platform optimizes your business interacts with customers, vendors, and employees.


At Optiks Solutions, we know that business relationships are important at every stage and utilize proven methodology and top-notch technology to help you optimize every aspect of your business, end to end, with intelligent tools that help you take advantage of new trends and automate tasks.