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Developing applications and providing your customer with a flawless, premium service can be a large undertaking without the proper foundation to support your efforts. Relying on the power of Microsoft data platform products can lessen the burden and provide better results.

Now you can put your business database to work by introducing the unique flexibility and performance of a streamlined SQL server.

Boost Productivity
Expedite Delivery
Streamline Processes
Graphical interpretation of the various sources of Big Data.
Improve Disaster Recovery
Reduce Overall Risks
Simplify Data Sharing

Integrating a strong data platform, such as the Microsoft SQL server, can help build a solid database with which to grow a thriving business and establish lasting strategic partnerships for your company.

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Build, store, access, and share your business data more efficiently than ever with the addition of a Microsoft SQL data platform.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, the team at Optiks Solutions is ready and able to help you breathe new life into your business database with the open-ended power of a SQL server. We are highly experienced in the implementation and customization of various data platform types to suit your unique business needs and help you achieve your long-term data goals.

Open Platform Capability

Whether your business runs on Windows, iOS, or Linux, your data doesn’t have to suffer. Microsoft SQL Servers are compatible with all operating systems and business needs.

Built-In Analytics

Advanced real-time analytics are built right into your SQL server database, allowing you to build smarter apps through predictive insights and machine learning.

Maximum Performance

Microsoft SQL servers are industry-leaders in TPC-E OLTP workload, the TPC-H data warehousing workload, making your job easier with each new benchmark.

Integrated CRM

Match your data to your customers with integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer relationship management systems.

High-End Security

Ranked as one of the least vulnerable data platforms for six years running with the NIST vulnerabilities database, SQL servers are your best choice for mission-critical business operations.

Cloud-Ready Efficiency

Enjoy a consistently smooth development experience on-premises and in the cloud with a Microsoft SQL server combined with Azure cloud computing power.


Whether you’re developing complex applications for your clientele or running your own internal database, Optiks can help develop, implement and support your perfect data platform solution.