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The popularity and reach of the Internet of Things is growing by the minute, in fact, Gartner suggests that there will be over 26 billion connected devices by the year 2020. If your business uses any electrical or digital devices for day to day processes, you will want to leverage powerful IoT services from Optiks.

The Azure Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected devices and people that focus on enhanced machine-to-machine communication. The idea of connecting vast networks of “things” is that the improved connectivity will reduce costs and improve efficiency for many aspects of business and the economy.

Boost Profitability
Supports Sustainability
Real-Time Management
Reduce Operational Costs
Reduce Security Risks
Advanced Adaptability
Automate Processes
Boost Employee Security

Connect your business to the Microsoft Azure Internet of Things and enjoy a world of “smart” new possibilities and opportunities for global growth.


Enabling your team to do more is just a single step away when you integrate Azure IoT services from Optiks into your business operational network.

Our comprehensive IoT services are designed to serve all industries, from industrial manufacturing to retail storefronts. The strategic technical advisors at Optiks will help you manage your digital assets and devices with a clear, easy to manage IoT dashboard and comprehensive IoT portfolio that covers every potential need.

Scalable App Building

Optiks IoT services allow you to build better apps in less time with a scalable model that quickly adapts to your unique needs and situation.

Monitor Trends

Remotely monitor growing trends within your device network through powerful real-time customer and device data analytics.

Multi-Industry Processes

The IoT covers all industries and devices, from buildings and vehicles to large manufacturing plants. The opportunities are endless!

Premium Support

Easily troubleshoot and fix IoT issues with the help of the dedicated support team at Optiks Solutions.


From developing a comprehensive IoT strategy to connecting and optimizing your current device portfolio, tailored Azure IoT solutions can help you take full advantage of the Internet of Things to propel your business forward.