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The idea of open source technology has become more popular in recent years because it’s an ambitious take on traditional app development and opens up new doors for businesses. In fact, Open Source doesn’t stop with sites like WordPress; it extends into every aspect of your business technology infrastructure.

Open source tools and frameworks are publicly available and collaboratively developed by tech experts worldwide and provide businesses with the flexibility and progressive thinking that they’ve come to expect from digital media.

Graphic depicting the wide range of IT flexibility.
Improved Security
Incredibly Customizable
Improved Functionality
Graphical depiction of open source development tools and models.
Freedom of Choice
Less Resource-Intensive
Broad-Based Support

Open Source technology is a popular alternative to more rigid contractual software options and features an ambitiously collaborative approach to building web apps, native apps, mobile, apps and IoT apps. Don’t get left in the dark.

Graphical depiction of the coding and structure of open source development.


The power of open source app development technology sets your business up for success in a hundred different ways, the most important of which is flexibility. Being flexible allows your business to come out ahead and stay ahead of the competition while empowering your team to do more.

At Optiks Solutions, we leverage a wide variety of open source application development techniques and methodologies to get the job done. From ambitious new code to tried-and-true techniques, we can help develop the ideal business application to make your day easier and more productive.

Wide-Ranging Capabilities

Because open source technology is crowd-sourced and developed by experts across the globe, the capabilities and opportunities are endless.

No Confusing Contracts

Open source doesn’t rely on any one brand or style of software and is not confined to lengthy and confusing contracts.


At Optiks, we adhere to the same collaborative ideals and spirit that drives the open source technology community. Our experts are well-versed in all reliable open source technology options and have broad global connections to ensure smooth support from start to finish.